Investment in appropriate and adequate technology can have a powerful effect on every organization’s mission. Properly implemented, the right infrastructure, such as computers and servers, can form a major building block towards an organisation’s success and amplify the impact of its programs.

Business Application

Technology is a collection of tools and strategies that support how an organization works toward its mission. If a non-profit is using the wrong software—too big, too small, or too low-quality— or not using software at all, technology can be taking time away from the organization’s mission instead of enabling it.


Today, one needs to be mobile. Work shouldn’t stop or get delayed even when you are not in office. One of the probable ways is to get access of the data when on move. This section explores more on this aspect and helps the organisation to understand if they have mobility and how do you get there.

Enterprise Portal

An Enterprise portal is like your home address on the web. This section determines how effectively the organisation is using its website for fund raising and communicating impact, and if they should invest more time to get open more windows of interaction and volunteerism through the different social media platforms.

IT Policy

Just investing in good technology will not work until and unless it is driven by a robust policy. This section explores where the organisation is in their terms of policy and suggests ways to get better if required.

Once an NGO has answered the questions, the system will generate an ICT Audit report.